The Technology Trap?

We can all at times get caught up in the hamster-wheel of everyday life, feeling that there is so much to do, we don’t have time to just stop and be. Technology plays a part in this of course. In the ‘olden days’ before smartphones (actually less than 20 years ago) there would be natural pauses in our day: waiting for someone, sitting on a train, waiting for the kettle to boil…but now most of us seem to feel that because we can fill these moments with more activity that we must.

Perhaps we can decide to be rebels! Perhaps we can decide not to conform to the expectation that we will answer a non-urgent message immediately? Perhaps we can say that we will have a real-life conversation or phone-call later, and say it all then rather than in 20 texts back and forth? It can be hard to step outside the current ‘normal’ but sometimes we find that if we do, others admit they don’t like the constant ‘ping’ either.

Like most people I wouldn’t want to live without technology but maybe we can check with ourselves: is technology really enhancing my life, or is it running it?

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